Eugene Pot Club

Official Eugene Pot Club Membership

It’s very easy to join – show up to event with photo ID over 21- pay your $1 cent club dues and sign in.  We do not sell or buy weed.  This is not a weed dispensary.

(Private Event for members of the Eugene pot Club only;
($.01 cent membership dues; (signup at a club event)

Director of Operations: Normal Bean
Eugene Pot Club Headquarters
3825 River Rd, Eugene, OR

Office: 541-525-4559

Agreement: I, <the Eugene Pot Club membership card holder>, agree to hold harmless all representatives of the Eugene Pot Club from and against all liability, and waive any and all rights to prosecute civil or criminal actions, which may occur as a result of participation in any Eugene Pot Club events. In addition, I agree that by purchasing a membership card to become a member of the Eugene Pot Club, I have entered a legally binding contract between all parties involved, that states i as the card holder do agree to follow the rules, guidelines and directions of the Eugene Pot Club.

No alcoholic beverages. There is a no tolerance policy regarding illegal activities. Anyone seen by either the private security company or any staff person participating in ANY illegal activity will be escorted to the main gate and ejected. They will not be allowed to re-enter the club event.

1.  We do not sell or distribute any Cannabis product.
2.  No one is allowed in club area without valid ID and Club Membership.
3.  Eugene Pot Club reserves the right to refuse any application and to withdraw acceptance of any application.
4. All events are non-public events, held on private grounds as a private event.
5. $.01 cent membership fee due at signup.